Commercial Real Estate “101”

Ladies & Gents:

May I introduce you to my Blog about Commercial Real Estate?  I guess that goes hand-in-hand with introducing you to me!

My name is Sheri and I am both a RPA (Real Property Administrator-B.O.M.I) and CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member-CCIM Institute).  I have worked in the field of commercial real estate for over 22 years.  I’ve worked in the industry, ground up.  I’d like to think that my diverse work experience and on-going education have provided me with the tools I have to be a source of information and consulting to my readers via this blog.

I will be publishing articles on various topics in the commercial real estate arena that will hopefully aid your business’ ventures into leasing and buying property.  If you’re on the landlord side of things… I will be addressing tips and facts as well.

My next focus in my life-time career in real estate is working towards my obtaining my JD with a concentration in Real Estate!

Here’s to a successful relationship!